Candace Mitchell Contemporary Art

Expressway oil painting


Following Diebenkorn’s 10 Rules for Abstract Painters, here are abstract artist, Candace Mitchell’s:

  1. Choose colors you love for every palette you prepare. Remember, love is fickle, thus your palette will vary.
  2. Face a blank canvas boldly, not with trepidation.
  3. Make your first mark and all that follow with certainty. You can always paint over.
  4. Be one with what you create by moving your body in the act of creation, not your mind.
  5. Know that when you stop and step back from the process you may be disappointed. Accept this.
  6. Then put disappointment aside and continue on.
  7. Feel, always feel, the work.
  8. Take the time to love color next to color, form next to form, as composition develops.
  9. Know that perfection is rare.
  10. But understand and remember, there is joy in the abstract painter’s journey.

Artist Statement

I would characterize my earlier work most generally as Colorist, which means I exaggerate color, or perhaps use a color not actually there in reality. All my life I have loved color, and still remember vividly opening a 100 pack of Crayola Crayons given to me by my father’s best friend when I was 5. I was mesmerized, more thrilled than if I had just been introduced to Peter Pan! Once I was able to draw away from the spectacular glow emanating from that box I set about to memorize the name of each color held within. So many colors and all mine with which to create beautiful pictures. The wonder and enthusiasm I felt at the age of 5 as I stared into that marvelous palette is with me to this day as I face my blank canvas.

Art brings to me great joy. And even greater joy now that I have expanded freely into abstraction and paint not from what I see before me, but from what lies submerged deep within my soul. My art has become a reflection, I believe, of the very essence of who I am: multifaceted, complex, emotional, enriched by lived experience, and bursting with an expressive desire to openly share all of this through my work. Thus I have, after all these years of working in academia, found a true home with Nella Lush and my fellow artists in the group which meets every Tuesday morning in Nella’s studio: “Art from the Soul”.